We offer

- design work and technical-engineering consultancy

- the entire profession electro up to 1000V - from project studios to implementation and production documentation

- high power application for MV and possibly. HV with our cooperators and specialists in the specific area

- supply and installation of electrical and electronic control, security and information systems

- SW control stations and exchanges of different systems, recovery and application configuration to customer

- production of electrical switchboards up to 1000V

- and provide customer service support for all supplied electrical equipment, emergency service and hot-line support for customers

More on the various activities

 Automation, control,
 measurement and control

 Automation, control, measurement and control is a modern, rapidly evolving discipline that applies special computer equipment for use in industrial processes or technologies in everyday life...

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 Security systems
 and low voltage

 Security systems
 and low voltage

 Our services in the field of low voltage systems on security systems, as well as information systems and recently provided the access and the hotel system SALTO.

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 We are weak-current distribution electrical grids and lighting up to 1000 V. And the project studies, the project itself, implementation and production documentation to implementation ...

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 Production of
 electrical switchboards

 We manufacture a wide range of electronic systems for electrical installations and the construction of low voltage and high-voltage distribution systems, controlled drives for motors, pumps, etc.

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