Security systems and low voltage

The continuously growing range of various technological advances that extend and They blend into each other. Previously, the individual disciplines detached - different manufacturers, different suppliers, different design, collaborating with each other only rarely.

Today's form of development going the way of other systems integration, multimedia interface users and data connections to each other or automatic printout of a special workplace specialists, often without any user intervention - the customer.

Therefore, below we divide our services in the field of low voltage systems on security systems, as well as information systems and recently provided the access and the hotel system SALTO.

Security systems

Systems for the protection of persons and property

In this area you can choose from a wide range of security systems designed to ensure maximum safety of you and your property and increase your comfort.

To protect you from possible fire or prevented with the associated materiál damage, we offer fire alrm (EPS).

– electronic fire signalisation
– Fire evacuation

Early signaling intrusion into the building and as a means to ensure the protection of property used electronic security systems (EZS) for outdoor spaces including, for example photocell and perimetr.

- electrical security systems
- Entry management systems

Some systems can be considered a security or information according to the method deployment and use - sound system, CCTV systems, access control systems.

Access and hotel system SALTO

SALTO XS4 is one of the most comprehensive electronic locking system, which is suitable not only to hotel environments (hotels, pensions, etc.), as well as access system (offices, hospitals, universities, balneologie etc.) because of its capabilities in both software integration of different types of environments.

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Information systems

The advantage of information systems to support and facilitate the activities of many usersIn our assortment you can found for example:systems that enable communication of the places where you are currently, or that through the media can take care of entertainment.

We design and deliver the optimum solution for the construction of television signals and interactive television systems (STA).

STA – Common television distribution systems

Withinthe structured cabling (STK) we offer design and professional installation distribution of data and telephony networks, including the use of new technologies cat.6 a cat.7.

STK – structured cabling - and data distribution networks

Convenient access to the building (office, parking, hotel room,etc.) or restric access to certain parts of an object (eg.Sports complex, museum)to help you make systems for access control

ACCES - attendance and entrance systems

K monitorování objektů nebo pozemků, poslouží systémy průmyslové televize (CCTV) jak v analogovém, tak i v IP provedení.

CCTV – CCTV surveillance systems

SOUND - sound system

INFO – multimedia information and presentation systems

The health solution and safety support in order to help for example old people get the care they need, they bring healthcare systems and emergency signaling the solution(ZS).

Our next aktivity is the development and implmentation of application software . You cant hen combine in one effectively functioning unit, which represents the so-called systém integration. Specifikally, in the case of systém integration, our company strive to link their delivery systems „intelligent“ buildings.