Control systems, measurement and regulation

Automation, control, measurement and control is a modern, rapidly evolving field, which applied a special computer device use in industrial production or in everyday life technologies, such as heating and cooling of buildings, their energy friendly infrastructure and network management and automatic control building components, sensing and measurement of relevant parameters and values, their processing, storage and transmission via telecommunications data networks.

In the area of control systems (CS),we offer comprehensive solutios from design and project documentation to full implementation of control systém for technological equipment. We provide delivery, installation and service including technical support and precessing operating regulations. Our control systems are used especially in the construction and reconstruction of the district heating systemheat exchangers and delivery stations and air-conditioning, lighting system and local nenrgy resoures of large objekts, such as: administrative buildings, hotels, shopping centers. The services provided are also used in industry, eg. in the management of technological and production lines. Finally, our attention is directes to the issue of renewable sources, particularly for projects of biogas plants and photovoltaic power plants at home and abroad.


We offer:

- Design and preparation of project dokumentation
- delivery
- construction
- service